Roda FICA London with Treinel Toca: Pastinha, Zumbi and Dandara

FICA London would like to invite all the london capoeira community, friends and family to our roda on Saturday 12th November at King’s College (Strand Campus).

Our group leader, and for many years an important supporter of capoeira Angola in London, Treinel Toca will be visiting from FICA Berlin for the roda.

We will be celebrating the lives of Mestre Pastinha, one of the most important figures in the lineage of capoeira Angola we practice today, who died on 13th Novemeber 1981 and Zumbi and Dandara de Palmares, two of the leaders of the Quilombo dos Palmares, who are celebrated in Brazil on 20th November, Dia da Consciencia Negra, Black Awareness Day, for their fight for freedom and against slavery.

The roda will take place in the Great Hall.
Solta mandinga camará!!

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