Roda FICA London with Treinel Toca: Pastinha, Zumbi and Dandara

FICA London would like to invite all the london capoeira community, friends and family to our roda on Saturday 12th November at King’s College (Strand Campus).

Our group leader, and for many years an important supporter of capoeira Angola in London, Treinel Toca will be visiting from FICA Berlin for the roda.

We will be celebrating the lives of Mestre Pastinha, one of the most important figures in the lineage of capoeira Angola we practice today, who died on 13th Novemeber 1981 and Zumbi and Dandara de Palmares, two of the leaders of the Quilombo dos Palmares, who are celebrated in Brazil on 20th November, Dia da Consciencia Negra, Black Awareness Day, for their fight for freedom and against slavery.

The roda will take place in the Great Hall.
Solta mandinga camará!!

Visita de Angola – Mestre Valmir FICA Berlin Workshop

FICA Berlin would like to invite all capoeiristas & friends to our Capoeira Angola workshop with Mestre Valmir in the end (28-29-30) of October. It has been 10 years since M. Valmir has been the last time to Germany and it will be his first time in Berlin.

This workshop will consist of three days full of classes of movement, music, berimbau rhythms, singing and theorectical fundamentals.
60€ before 1st of October (early registration + payment info:
70€ after 1st of October and on arrival

Prorgramme :

18h30 – 19h registration
19h – 22h movement class

9h30 – 10h registration
10h – 13h movement class
13h – 14h lunch
14h – 16h music class
16h – 17h movements class
17h – 20h roda
20h30 social at restaurant/bar (open end)

10h30 – 11h registration
11h – 13h movement class
13h – 14h lunch
14h – 15h music class
15h – 16h palestra (Ritmos, muscalidades e fundamentos na roda.)
16h30 – 19h30 roda
(The schedule may be subject to change.)

More infos about the location of the event will be anounced shortly.

If you need accomodation, please contact us and register in advance! Sleeping places are limited and not guaranteed.

Please bring your berimbau if possible.

About Mestre Valmir:

Born in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, Valmir Santos Damasceno entered the world of Capoeira Angola in 1982 when he began training with Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho (GCAP) under Mestres Moraes and Cobra Mansa.

In 1992, he received the title of Contra-Mestre while working on Capoeira Angola related projects with different social organizations, including the Associação Livre de Moradores da Mangueira (ALMM), the Fundação do Menor Trabalhador (FAMEB) and Projeto Axé amongst others.

In 1994, he left GCAP and began his own group, which later became part of Mestre Cobra Mansa’s International Capoeira Angola Foundation.

In August 2003, he received the title of Mestre at the 9th Annual International Capoeira Angola conference in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Mestre Valmir frequently travels to teach and promote Capoiera Angola all over the world. His classes focus very much on the music, rituals and philosophy which brings the traditional side of Capoeira Angola together with the techniques of the movements. He has been various times to London where he has been vsisiting the group FICA London, of which Treinel Toca was in charge in the last years. Now he is going to be the first time in Berlin to visit and support the group FICA Berlin.

Mestre Valmir has already been to Germany in 2002, where he was holding workshops in Hamburg, Cologne and Hanover.
His last visit to Germany was in 2006 for a workshop in Freiburg.

Mestre Valmir currently lives in Salvador and leads the group of FICA-Salvador, which had its 20th birthday this year in June.
Everyone is welcome to join this event at FICA Berlin. We are looking forward to see you soon!

T. Toca




With joy and and anticipation we at FICA London and Capoeira Angola South London invite you to join in the first week of classes and rodas with Contra Mestre Dija Damasceno from FICA Bahia starting Tuesday 28th June 2016. Dija started capoeira aged 7 with his father, Mestre Valmir also of FICA Bahia who was a student of Mestre Morães and Mestre Cobra Mansa. He is well-known for his Besouro-style agility as well as his music, and was made Contra Mestre last year along with his brother, Aloan. Dija broadens global access to Afro-Brazilian culture through online berimbau classes at This is the third time Dija is coming to support the growth of capoeira Angola in London and share his knowledge and skills from a life of capoeira in it's heartland of Salvador, Bahia de Todos os Santos. Com join us to welcome him! Vem jogar mais eu meu irmão! SCHEDULE: TUESDAY 28th June: 7.30pm Class @ FICA London: Mary's Neighbourhood Centre, Islington, N7 0AD WEDNESDAY 29th June: 7.30pm: Class & roda @ Capoeira Angola South London: Moorlands Community Centre, Brixton, SW9 8QT THURSDAY 30th June: 7.30pm: Class @ FICA London Mary's Neighbourhood Centre, Islington, N7 0AD Investment: £10 per class or £25 for all three days. Stay tuned for more classes and rodas
É com alegria e anticipação que nós de FICA Londres e Capoeira Angola South London convidamos a todas e todos para participar da primeira semana de aulas e rodas com Contra Mestre Dija Damasceno da FICA Bahia a partir da terça-feira, dia 28 de junho, 2016. O Dija começou a capoeira com sete anos de idade com seu pai, Mestre Valmir, que foi aluno de Mestre Morães e Mestre Cobra Mansa. O Dija está conhecido por sua agilidade que nem Besouro e sua musica, e em 2015 se formou como Contra Mestre do grupo de FICA BA junto com seu irmão, Aloan. Dija difunda a cultura Afro-Brasileira mundialmente atraves de seu site É a terceira vez que o Dija vem apoiar o crescimento da capoeira Angola em Londres, e compartilhar seus conhecimentos de uma vida no coração da capoeira em Salvador, Bahia de Todos os Santos.

Capoeira Angola music class

One and only Capoeira Angola music classes held in London!

Music is the heart of Capoeira Angola – in the process of trying to seek the way to be a complete capoerista, dedication to the music is vital not only the movement. The musicality takes time to mature and understand specially for us who grown up/live outside Brasil.

The dedicated music class helps you get close to the heart of Capoeira Angola and grow your musicality.

From beginners to advanced, all welcome – let’s learn it together!

The class helps you to grow your CONFIDENCE and UNDERSTANDINGS on:

• musicality of each instrument
• harmony in bateria
• singing and playing simultaneously
• various toques of berimbau etc.

Discussions about music in Capoeira Angola: learning about history and background of Capoeira Angola music will also give you deeperlevel of understandings on roda and jogo.

Capoeira Angola Music class
19:30 — 21:30
@ Farringdon/Angel
Big Wheel Studios,
26 Exmouth Market,
London EC1R 4QE

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Music class with special guest CM Toicinho, Thu 27th March

Don’t miss this Thursday 27th March, 19:30-21:30, intensive Capoeira Angola music class with Contramestre Francisco Toicinho Toicinho (Nova Geração de Angola, SP)!

Learn with him, new corridos, berimbau toques and samba de roda… A rare opportunity to get to know in depth the rich music culture of Capoeira Angola straight from São Paulo, Brazil.

Cost: £10

@ Farringdon/Angel
Big Wheel Studios,
26 Exmouth Market,
London EC1R 4QE

> PLEASE CALL 07957-355319 ON ARRIVAL (the doorbell doesn’t work!) entrance on Spa Fields Lane on the left hand side of the church on Exmouth Market.

Berimbaus for sale, from Mestre Piter & Kilombo Tenondé

We have some berimbaus for sale in London!!!

Handmade in Brasil – some are from Mestre Piter (N’zinga São Paulo) and some from Kilombo Tenondé (Mestre Cobra Mansa’s permaculture farm in Bahia).

Please specify which type you would like – gunga, médio or viola. We’re happy to bring along a few for you to ‘test drive’ them before the purchase.

Complete set: £70 = verga, cabaça, caxixí, dobrão, baqueta and arame

Anyone interested, e-mail us or call 07957-355319.

*Any parts can be sold separately as well so please ask for the individual prices.

*We also sell some materials for you to make your own berimbau – beriba woods with skin, cabaças and bits & pieces for caxixi. Please ask for prices.